Welcome to my corner of the Photosphere. I photograph whatever catches my fancy -- mostly birds and wildlife. Use the menus at the top of every page to navigate. Bird galleries are in taxonomic order. If you are looking for a specific species you can use the indices menu. Comments welcome.

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Grand Canyon Hike

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Grand Canyon Hike

Utah Spring 2017

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Utah Spring 2017

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Guestbook for John Riegsecker
John, really like your work, especially raptors you captured at Theler Wetlands. I am going down to Union at the end of next week (Oct. 19-22) and wondered if there are any campgrounds in the area. If so, drop me a line at beckham@beckhamsbabies.com (my really old kids/family photography business...now closed.)

Thanks and cheers,
Gary (in Redmond, WA)
Wonderful variety of animals you have photographed, loved looking at them! Saw the link to your site today on Tweeters - with the hybrid Canada geese.
David Arment(non-registered)
I love your bird pictures. I've not made it out of the bird gallery. I will very likely love them all... but so far I'm stuck in "birds".
DNM Nature Photography(non-registered)
Hi John. I love your photograhy. Espeacialy the birds. I imagine you have loged thousands of hours. Very nice work
Ernie Misner(non-registered)
Hi John, I met you at Ft. Steilacoom Park in Nov. of 2011. Your zenfolio site is very nice! You have quite a large portfolio here considering it hasn't been all that long since retiring. You get an A+ ! I really enjoy your bird shots and related information. There is a lot to be learned here. Take care and good shooting to you ~ Ernie Misner
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