Welcome to my corner of the Photosphere. I photograph whatever catches my fancy -- mostly birds and wildlife. Use the menus at the top of every page to navigate. Bird galleries are in taxonomic order. If you are looking for a specific species you can use the indices menu. Comments welcome.

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Created 25-Jan-15
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Chambers Bay 2014

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Chambers Bay 2014

Waughop Lake 2014

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Waughop Lake 2014

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Guestbook for John Riegsecker
19.David Arment(non-registered)
I love your bird pictures. I've not made it out of the bird gallery. I will very likely love them all... but so far I'm stuck in "birds".
18.DNM Nature Photography(non-registered)
Hi John. I love your photograhy. Espeacialy the birds. I imagine you have loged thousands of hours. Very nice work
16.Ernie Misner(non-registered)
Hi John, I met you at Ft. Steilacoom Park in Nov. of 2011. Your zenfolio site is very nice! You have quite a large portfolio here considering it hasn't been all that long since retiring. You get an A+ ! I really enjoy your bird shots and related information. There is a lot to be learned here. Take care and good shooting to you ~ Ernie Misner
15.M Lambright(non-registered)
Are the props moving or is this a model suspended with a fishing line?? I am sure this exposes my ignorance regarding aircraft operation but I just had to ask. Also, the photo immediately captured my attention so kudos (rather than props) to the photographer. I only took a quick look this morning but I will re-visit the photos later---John, they are super.
a-ha--you've been caught--brother Joe filled me in on you "doings". I believe we will be on vacation when you return to your beginnings. Thought of you the other day when we had a thunder storm--you would have enjoyed it.
Sometime check out Jerry'seggs.com and see what hubby does to stay out of trouble
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